Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch



On December 1, 2018, YSUI BLibrary hosted a book presentation  entitled “FIRST REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA: Figures and Events” written by the lecturer of the Department of Armenian History and Social Sciences, PhD, assistant N. Grigoryan and A. Azatyan.

The presentation was attended by representatives of the administrative and professorial staff of the University, students and guests.

The head of the library Vladimir Poghosyan made an opening speech ,mentioning that his colleagues’ “The First Republic of Armenia: Figures, Events “book is really topical today in terms of the library needs,the book thoroughly presents the achievements of political, social and cultural life of the First Republic of Armenia, the image of a politician. He especially emphasized the chapters related to politicians, in which an attempt was made  why not to strengthen the image of the state owing to such national figures as H. Kajaznuni, A. Khatisyan, Simon Vratsyan and others. It was pointed out that the mistakes made during the First Republic can help us today in this revolutionary period when ideas and leaders can become  unreal in one day.

YSU Ijevan Branch Acting Director A. Tsutsulyan, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities K. Poghosyan, Acting Head of the Department of Armenian History and Social Sciences D. Tinoyan, lecturers of the Department,in particular, Ph.D., Associate Professor L. Mkrtchyan, Acting Head of the Department of Armenian Language and Literature V. Avagyan, students, guests made congratulatory speech on the occasion of book presentation.

Then, the authors of the book A. Azatyan and N. Grigoryan made a speech addressing the purpose of the book and the problems discussed in the book. “If the study of the history of the Armenian Republic in Soviet times had ideological importance, then the situation changed dramatically in the post-Soviet period when our historians began to study the history of the First Armenian Republic. In the period of independence many have  written about the different issues of the history of the First Republic, to the point that it seems there is nothing left and there was no new word to say. Our purpose was to present  in the book the achievements of the short-lived First Republic and the activities of patriotic figures who made a great contribution to the establishment of statehood, and there were many such figures. It is enough to remember an example of Hovhannes Kajaznuni when he went to America and bought a coat from the state budget, but immediately after returning, he sold  the coat and returned the money back to the state budget.

The head of the library V. Poghosyan made a final speech. “With the help of such events, the library is able to turn into an environment of coincidences and contrasts, homogeneity and heterogeneity , where we try to discuss, criticize, and why not  oppose one another by revealing the truth and the justice. So let’s wish each other a reasonable mind, a  willpower to make the impossible possible, and remember the one-thousand miles’ journey begins with one step. I once again congratulate the authors and wish them new achievements . “

The book presentation ended with a reception.

All the photos of book presentation are available in the gallery.