Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch


hcrbAeZlIrOYe8XFFq27tAcaXBOn March 2, 2019, the SSS of YSU Faculty of Armenian Philology together with the Armenian Language and Literature Department of YSUIB organized a conference entitled “Dialectical Readings”.

The Acting Director of YSUIB, PhD,  Artak Tsutsulyan welcomed the students. “I’m so excited and pleased that such events take place in the Branch and I hope it will become a tradition. Few know that this year is also jubilee for the Branch. This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Branch and this event isdedicated to the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Branch”.

The Acting Head of the Department of Armenian Language and Literature of YSU Ijevan Branch, Associate Professor Vachagan Avagyan presented the background of the event.

“Months ago when we returned to Yerevan after meeting with Vardanank military-patriotic club in Ijevan Branch, we noticed that one of the students, forgetting about the academic-student environment, began to speak in his dialect and when he realized it, he apologized. So sweet was his dialect that I advised to bring the dialect into a lively environment. At that time we decided to speak in our dialects until the end of the trip, “said Vachagan Avagyan.

“Immediately the idea came to bring this all to the classroom environment and to give it a scientific content, as most students are living bearers of dialects, and this is a great opportunity for dialectical research,” he added.

The students of the Faculty of Armenian Philology and students of the Branch prepared the dialect versions of famous works. By comparing literary Armenian and other dialects, students were given the opportunity to  a wide range of studies.

Similar events are a great opportunity for students to study the dialects, as the conversations with them, and the discussions with them, move the theoretical knowledge to the practical field.

By the way, owing to the program “Dialectical Research and Comparative Dialectic” initiated by the Faculty of SSS Chairman Samvel Yeghiazaryan, the faculty is restoring the beautiful traditions of dialects.

It should also be mentioned that the first dialectical journey was to Shirak region. This time, in collaboration with YSU Ijevan Branch Department of Armenian Language and Literature, students had the opportunity to listen and get acquainted with the dialects of Tavush region.

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