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Organized by the Media Initiative Center  “Tvapatum Investigation”, “I am the Media”, is for students who are not journalists, create, disseminate, or directly exploit the media, who say they have something to say about spreading information, new platforms and resources, old and  about today’s messages of new media.

 You are the media when you are talking, listening to stories your headphones on, when you post on your Facebook account and then share it with your friends when you place a picture in Instagram, imitating your followers when you tell about your day in Youtube, sharing your wardrobe, sharing your fears and problems, and people are telling their stories and make comments.  You are the media when you watch, hear, read and distribute all this.

 This year’s topics are the following:

  • Media on my headphones
  • my alternative of traditional media
  • Virtual identity. I’m on this or that side of the screen
  • Suspect, check it out before sharing it

 The students of all faculties of all secondary and higher education institutions of Armenia are eligible for the competition.  You must submit the following documents to until July 31. 

  • autobiography (indicating the participant’s contact details, educational institution, faculty and course);
  • competition work in one of the following formats:
  1. essay / personal history (up to 3 pages)
  2. Photo or photo story
  3. Video / audio (attach a file to the letter or send a link to the item)
  4. Multimedia History

 The professional jury will select the winners.  The results will be summed up in September during the “Tvapatum” competition.  The 3 best works will be published on and the authors will receive awards and certificates.

 If you have any questions, feel free to contact Lusine Grigoryan (010 583620, internal number: 110,

 You can read the works of previous years in the “I am the Media” contest in the Vox Populi section of


 The competition is being held with the support of the American people within the framework of the USAID Media for Citizens Awareness Contest, implemented through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).