Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch


In 2018, on September 3, a meeting was held between the CBA Dilijan Research and Training Center and YSU IB staff which aimed to provide a platform for dialogue for discussion and arrangement of cooperation programs.


The participants of the meeting were the Director of CBA Dilijan Research and Training  Center Armen Nurbekyan, Director’s Assistant Syuzan Mkrtchyan, Artur Ghalachakhyan, Head of Monetary and Financial Statistics Department of the CBA,  Economists ,Alik Shirkhanyan and Karen Poghosyan, of Economic Research Department, Acting Director of YSU IB A. V.Cuculyan, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Economics G. Avetisyan, Head of Pedagogy & Curriculum Planning Department L.Beginyan, Responsible for “Finance” educational program A.Saribekyan, Head of Production Practice A.Alexanyan, lecturers M.Atabekyan and H. Hayrapetyan.


Nurbekyan presented the objectives, issues and subdivisions of the center (Monetary Policy, Statistics, and Research Departments).

A.Cuculyan presented YSU IB staff participating in the meeting and programs for building deep and sustainable bilateral cooperation. According to A. Cuculyan, the meeting will open a new paradigm to work together to expand cooperation.

During the discussions, Dean of the Faculty of Economics presented the educational programs of the faculty and opportunities of cooperation.

Avetisyan particularly touched upon the discussion of educational programs, internships and graduation papers, organization of courses, seminars, cognitive visits to CBA as well as meetings with CBA specialists and students and lecturers of the branch, the involvement of YSU IB lecturers and students in the research work of CBA corresponding department, and a number of current issues.

During the meeting a constructive discussion took place, and a number of agreements were reached that would have a positive impact on the improvement of the educational process of the university.

Particularly, the best CBA specialists will give expert support, visit the branch to conduct seminars, according to the University Approval, will provide information about the seminars held at CBA.

In the scope of the program our students will have an opportunity to conduct research works at the Central Bank of Armenia, and selected students will take their internship as a pre-diploma stage at the CBA. Students of the branch can also visit the CBA Museum to get acquainted with the history of the Armenian dram through displays.


At the end of the meeting, YSU Ijevan branch staff visited the museum.