Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch


4. Ջուլիետա Ճաղարյան

 On February 7th, 2019, we had an interview with YSU Ijevan Branch, graduate of 2008 academic year, director of “Ijevan” branch of “Unibank” OJSC Julieta S. Tchagharyan.

We would like to know your birth date and place.

– I was born in 1985, in Sevkar village.

Tell us about your family (parents, husband, children).

– My father, Samvel Tchagharyann, (from the age of 23) was the director of the Sevkar secondary school, my mother, Anahit Davtyan, worked as a chief economist at the village administration. I am married, I have two children. My son is eight years old, my daughter is five, my husband is an insurance regulator.

What was your childhood dream?

– Being exceedingly compassionate person, I dreamed to become a lawyer in order to help people who were in difficult situations.

What education did you receive?

– 2002-2006, I studied at YSU Ijevan branch of “Theoretical Economics” bachelor’s degree. From 2006 to 2008, I studied at YSU Master Degree, “Money Circulation, Finance, Banking” specialization.

What role did YSUIB education have in your life?

– YSUIB education has played a vital role in my life. My native university has given me a lot, not only high-quality education, but also spiritual and moral upbringing, and my university encouraged me a lot. For the first time, I demostrated my leadership qualities there. For the first time at YSUIB I was given a  certificate for exemplary behavior and progress, which excited me a lot. Although I studied at the Branch on a paid basis, but I was given a partly compensation of tuition fee for my high academic achievement, later on, I enrolled in a free system of education at YSU Master’s degree.

What work experience do you have?

– Since the third year of my studies, I worked in the World Vision Armenia Organization (CBC) as a regional observer. Since 2008, I have been working in Ijevan branch of “Unibank” OJSC as a General Manager, Since 2017, March, I work as the bank director.

What is your favorite book?

– Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables” novel.

What is the last book you read?

– Because of the shortage of time, I do not manage to read fiction books very often, mainly I read the professional literature, follow the legislative changes.

What music do you prefer and what is your favorite song?

– I prefer  Russian chanson.

What is your favorite movie?

– I love meaningful movies. I can not see the same film for the second time. I like, for example, “The Pirates”.

Do you have a favorite sport?

– Swimming: I do not like powersports.

What is your favorite place in Armenia and abroad?

– In Armenia, my favourite place is Ijevan, what refers to abroad, I adore the “City of Love”, Paris.

What qualities do you value in people?

– Humanism, gratefulness, honesty. I do not like double-edged people.

Do you have the quote or slogan you are guiding?

– Depending on the situation, I have some preferred quotes, such as “Those who do not risk, do not drink champagne”, “He who digs a pit for others, falls in himself”, “Do not throw a stone into the  water you drink”.

-What will you never do?

– I will not  violate anyone’s rights, I will not steal, I will not disappoint.

What are you afraid of?”

– I am afraid of loneliness.

Why are you sorry?”

– I’m sorry that i can not return what my parents have given me.

What helps you make up your mind in difficult situations?

– Time. I do not make hasty decisions, I wait, think and then make a new decision. When making a decision, I attach importance to the factor of humanity.

What do you think is the biggest achievement of your life?

– My family and my upbringing.

What is your formula for success?

– Work, devotion to the work, high sense of responsibility.

What is the most invaluable advice you have received?

– My dad always said, “Always put your hope in yourself. put your hand on your knees and stand up. “

What is the main message that you would give to young people (in particular, YSUIB students)?

– I would advise YSUIB students, to be well-educated, because without education, they can not find their place in life, without their sense of responsibility (both in education and work). Every person must have ambitions and endeavour to achieve his/her goals.

Thank you for an interesting interview.


Interviewed by YSUIB Public Relations and Press responsible Hasmik Vanyan.