Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch



“Coca-Cola Hellenic Armenia”, together with “Management Mix” consulting and training company, is implementing 3-year “Youth Empowered” program to develop “LIFE” and “BUSINESS’” skills of young people aged 18-30.

The program aims at focusing on vulnerable groups that need professional and life skills development (especially in the regions); to accomplish university graduates’ and potential young entrepreneurs’ business skills; to direct young people to choose the right career path, applying their professional potential.

Within the framework of the program, trainings will be organized both for Yerevan and regional youth, including bordering areas. In addition to self-assessment and self-development skills, the participants will have the opportunity to develop skills on time and project management, negotiation, communication, business planning and sales skills.

In 2018-2020, 8000 young people will be supported in the frames of “Youth Empowered”. In 2018, 1000 young people living in Yerevan and 1500 living in regions will be included in the program.

The details of the program are presented in the following.

LIFE SKILLS (8 hours)

  1. Orientation and development of an individual’s educational path based not only on their interests, but also on economic factors
  2. Writing a Curriculum Vitae (CV) including a description of experience and qualifications
  3. Establishing and developing business ties, improving career path
  4. Physical Appearance and Behavior Skills
    • Best interview and job experience
    • The best experience of attending business events
    • Personal hygiene and care
  1. Communication

                    – Professional communication trainings;

                  – Preparation for meetings and events by studying the participants, subject matter and organizations,

                    – Online business management,

      * Practical and personal pages

       * Proper content management, to avoid from the negative impact

       * Relevant content selection

BUSINESS SKILLS (16 hours / 2 days)

  1. Meeting with the Director
  2. “When are you not a customer”, How to work in different markets, cultures, traditions and customs.
  3. “When are you a customer”, How to work in different markets, cultures, traditions and customs.
  4. Applying skills acquired from 2nd and 3rd topics to achieve goals.
  5. Orientation, negotiation and sales skills.
  6. Financial literacy.

 Within the framework of the program, your support and collaboration will be greatly appreciated by involving new participants and promoting their knowledge and skills development.

You can join the program by filling in an online application via the following link

For questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to call 010 58 04 41.