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6543b438ad191861 The Civic Initiative for education is pleased to announce the launch of small Grants competition for Individual Research in the following four thematic directions:

  • Right to education
  • Social justice
  • Participation
  • Critical Thinking

Who can apply?

The competition aims to find and encourage individual researchers concerned with education problems who want to participate through research in the process of improving the education policy.

The project also aims to promote self-organization, participation and engagement of education stakeholders.

The Grant Competition is open to all interested entities.

Application Procedure

All interested applicants must submit their research proposal application, including the following:

  1. Description of the problem / relevant to any of the mentioned themes /
  2. Research Methodology
  3. Expected results

To apply for a grant contest, please fill out the online application attached below.

Applicants are expected to develop policy documents / analytics based on research, within the context of the mentioned themes. Suggested analytics can address an event, problem or challenge related to any of the four themes (education right, social justice, participation and critical thinking), based on available research, information and publications. The document generated as a result of the survey should be presented in the format proposed by the Civic Initiative for education and will address the following:

  • Description/analysis of the problem / situation
  • Presentation and analysis of the current policy
  • Discussion of possible alternatives
  • Conclusions and recommendations.

The research may be based on office work using the available research data or the field work information already done by the researcher. Researchers can also conduct new interviews if needed.

The applicants must carry out their research within two months after the application is approved.

Research will be publicized, used in future initiatives, and researchers will be involved in the work undertaken by the Civic Initiative for education.

The Assessment commission formed by Coordination Council of the Civic Initiative for education  will select 15-20 best applications, each of which will receive 100,000 AMD financial aid.

In the planning, implementation phase, Civic Initiative for Education will provide informative and expert support.

For questions and additional information, please contact Misha Tadevosyan, Small Grant Officer of the Civic Initiative for Education.

E-mail:, or

tel. (+374) 98 82 89 06