Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch



  On May 14, 2019, on the initiative of Ijevan Branch of Yerevan State University SSS, YSU Ijevan Branch for the first time hosted student intellectual game entitled “The Brainiest”,  10 students from all faculties took a part in the game.

 The game was conducted by Liana Nersisyan, 2nd year student of “Informatics and Applied Mathematics” specialty.

 The first round of the game was held with a special mobile application, with Quizizz, giving 10 questions checking students’ background knowledge and the participants also earn extra points to respond quickly to questions.  The 5 students, scoring the highest points  were able to continue the game in the second round.

 For the second and third rounds, 2nd year student of “Informatics and Applied Mathematics” specialty Arayik Shahnazaryan created a special computer program using HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages to bring the game’s 2nd and 3rd phases as close as possible to the format of the TV show.

 In the second round, participants selected two themes from 10 and then tried to answer the questions within 1 minute.  After a persistent competition,  Mher Ghalumyan, 3rd year student of History, 2nd year student of “History” Margarit Tamrazyan and 3rd year student of “Service” specialty Tigran Ghushchyan overcome the second round.

The third round was also held in an engaging atmosphere.  The participants had to answer questions about the topic chosen beforehand.

Tigran Ghushchyan became the winner of the “Brainiest”, earning the highest points.

 Acting Acting Director of YSUIB, A. Tsutsulyan  warmly welcomed and encouraged the students’ initiative, congratulated all the winners of the intellectual game and handed them certificates.

 The winner of the game Tigran Ghushchyan was awarded with a medal, diploma and a souvenir.

 Mher Ghalumyan and Margarit Tamrazyan were awarded with diplomas, 2nd and 3rd place winners respectively.

 The other seven participants of the intellectual game were awarded with certificates, and  Natella Grigoryan, Ara Azatyan, Vladimir Poghosyan, Alisa Hasanyan, Robert Yolchyan and students Liana Nersisyan, Argishti Margaryan received letters of appreciation.

Arayik Shahnazaryan was awarded with an encouraging gift and a certificate for invaluable contribution to the game.

 Photos of the intellectual game are available in the gallery.