Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch


    8. Թագվոր Մանթաշյան

 On April 16th, 2019, we had an interview with YSU Ijevan Branch graduate of 2008 academic year, manager of “Ararat Bank” OJSC Ijevan Branch, Tagvor A. Mantashyan.

– Please tell us your birth date and place.

– I was born in 1987, in Ijevan.

– Tell us please a little bit about your family.

– My parents are engineers, my father, in the fields of electronics, mother, in the field of food industry. My brother Vaghinak Mantashyan graduated from YSUIB Faculty of Natural Sciences, Bachelor’s of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics, now works as an engineer.

– What was your childhood dream?

– At the age of pre-school, I dreamed of becoming crane-driver, later a pilot.

– What education did you receive?

– I have left Ijevan # 5 Secondary School. In 2008, I graduated from YSUIB Faculty of Natural Sciences and got a bachelor’s degree. In 2010, I graduated from YSU, Master of the Faculty of Physics.

– What role did YSU IB education have in your life?

– YSUIB education is the basis of my knowledge and skills. Particularly, the study of accurate sciences has given the flexibility of thought, the ability to orient rapidly, and rational thinking.

– What work experience do you have?

– My work experience started at Ijevan Branch of “Ararat Bank” OJSC, first as a credit specialist, then deputy manager and now as a manager.

– What is your favorite book?

– Hans Werner Richter’s novel, which I read during my military service.

– What is the last book you read?

– If I do not mention a book from the specialized literature, then “Up from Slavery” by Booker Washington.

– What music do you prefer and what is your favorite song?

– I do not have a preferred style of music. The list of favorite songs is varied. I will mention Ukrainian and Polish folk songs, which I recently started to listen with great pleasure.

– What is your favorite movie?

From the USSR films, I will mention “A Bride from the North”, “We are Our Mountains” and among modern movies “The Ninth Company”, “The Shawshank Redemption”.

– Do you have a favorite sport?

– I prefer football.

– What is your favorite place in Armenia and abroad?

– In Armenia, Lastiver, Dadivank, Dzermadzur, Istisu (Artsakh is also Armenia). I have not been abroad a lot. From the places I visit, I will mention Mtskheta, Moscow, Tuapse. I would like to see Rome, Alestone Park.

– What qualities do you value in people?

– Honesty, patriotism, decency.

– Do you have favorite quote or slogan?

– I’m not guided by slogans.

– What will you never do?

– You will never know what you’ll do in different situations.

-“What are you afraid of?”

– I do not think of fears.

-“Why are you sorry?”

– I do not regret.

– What helps you make a decision in difficult situations?

-Looking at the problem profoundly, my experience and precedent, the correct assessment of risks.

– What do you think is the biggest achievement of your life?

– My family, my relatives and friends.

– What is your formula for success?

– Hard Work, dedication, self-development.

– What is the most invaluable advice you have received?

– I’ve got a lot of advice. I find it difficult to mention one. I have benefited from each one of them.

– What is the main message that you would give to young people (in particular, YSUIB students)?

– Young people, especially YSUIB students, I would recommend using every single moment to learn something new, to get the maximum of the classes. In a rapidly changing world, knowledge and information are of paramount importance, so it is necessary to constantly self-develop. Dear students do not be afraid to make a mistake, because the only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.

– Thank you so much for the interview.


Interviewed by YSUIB Public Relations and Press responsible Hasmik Vanyan