Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch


IMG_0228-16-11-18-11-47 On November 15th of 2018, Ijevan Civic Youth Center hosted a seminar entitled “Freedom of Information: Law and Practice “, conducted by Levon Barseghyan, Board chairman of “Asparez” Journalists’ Club.

The seminar was attended by YSUIB coordinator of the work with graduates and external stakeholders, Erine Gharayan and students of the journalism faculty.

The purpose of the seminar was to present the international norms of freedom of information adopted by the Republic of Armenia.

During the seminar on “Freedom of Information: Law and Practice “, in particular, the idea that everyone had the right to freely express his/her opinion was highlighted. That right included the freedom to be persistent in his/her opinion, to receive and impart information and ideas, without the interference of state bodies and independent from state boundaries.

It was emphasized that the freedom of expressing viewpoints might be restricted solely by law, for protection of national security, public order, health and morals or to the honor and reputation of others and to other fundamental rights and freedoms. It was noted that the RA Law on “Freedom of Information” was adopted on September 23th of 2003, entered into force on November 15th of 2003.

The trainer also presented information holders and put forward that information could be proactive and reactive.

 The seminar was in an engaging and interactive atmosphere.