Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch



On December 18th, 2018, at YSUIB Faculty of Humanities, for 2nd-year students of “Foreign Language and Literature”, “Armenian Language and Literature” specialties, Ani Kostandyan, lecturer of the Department of Tourism Management and Cultural Studies, organized an open lesson dedicated to the “Armenian culture”.

The lesson was attended by Acting Dean of the Faculty of Humanities K. Poghosyan, Assistant of the Department of Tourism Management and Cultural Studies, A. Ulikhanyan, the administrative staff of the university and students .

During the lesson, the lecturer  presented Armenian culture stages, Armenian culture in the Ararat kingdom (Urartu), during the Hellenistic period, the Armenian medieval culture (5-14 centuries), armenian culture of 15-18th centuries, Armenian culture in the new era (19th-20th centuries), Armenian culture in the 20th century and after the independence. Another item of discussion was the Armenian Renaissance.

The students performed literary and musical performances  presenting poems and songs based on Armenian classics (Narekatsi, Kuchak, Sayat-Nova, Komitas, Metsarents, Sahyan, Sevak and others).

At the end of the lesson, the participants watched a film about  family.