Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch



 Dear lecturers, the Chair of the Armenian Language History together with the Armenian Language of the Faculty of Armenian Philology of YSU organizes the “Abeghian readings” Republican annual Scientific Conference, from November 25 to 30, in 2018.

Abstract submissions are open until November 1 (preference will be given to articles about M. Abelian)

The abstract submission process will be through email

Article formation criteria:

  1. The article must begin with the author’s name, surname (in capital letters), place of work, in next line, e.mail address, title of the article (in capital letters)
  2. Armenian Font, Sylfaen
  3. English font, Times New Roman
  4. Russian font, Times New Roman
  5. basic font size; 12
  6. interval distance: 1.5
  7. text margins – up 25 mm, bottom 25 mm, right 25 mm, left 20 mm
  8. The references are given in the footnote, the font size is 10 including the author of the source, the title, the volume, the place of publication, the date, the page
  9. The article should have conclusion both in English and Russian, 10 key words in English, Armenian and Russian.