Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch


 In 2011,  on the bases of cadre department, Personnel Management Department was formed which in October 2017 was renamed  Human Resources Management Department (HRC).

The main functions of Human Resources Management  Department are:

  • Implementation of the process of recruitment and dismissal of YSUIB employees
  • Collection of YSUIB employees Personal data in accordance with RA legislation and internal legal acts of YSUIB, formulation of relevant orders, contracts and other documents, database of employees, exploitation of the corresponding human resources management information system.
  • Preparation and adoption of legal acts, namely, empleyees passports, job descriptions and other acts that define the duties and powers of the employee.
  • Organization of YSUIB employees adaptation and motivation processes in a workplace
  • Implementation of professional development process (assessment of opinions, trainings, other development activities).
  • Assessment of work efficiency
  • Implementation of attestation (if applicable)
  • Solution of issues related to remuneration, bonuses, official promotions, formulation of vacations and dismissals.
  • Encouraging employees and applying disciplinary sanctions to them.
  • Providing social supplementary guarantees by the employer and other issues.
  • Organization of other functions assigned by the employer to the management of the department (human resources, general part, secretariat, special part, archive and organization of other departments’ activities).

Department Staff:

Ayvazyan Kamo  – Head of Department,

Eganyan Vardishagh  – Deputy Head of Department, Responsible of the Secretariat,

Abazyan Narine  – cadre senior specialist,

Galstyan Venera – Specialist,

Aslanyan Aida  – Specialist,

Nazaryan Narek  – Legal Adviser,

Hovhannisyan Arusyak  – Operator,

Ohanyan Hasmik  – Operator,

Adamyan Parandzem  – Operator,

Ghazaryan Nara  – Coordinator of professorial staff trainings

Amirkhanyan Yurik  – archivist

Address: RA, Tavush region, Ijevan, Usanoghakan 3, Department of Human Resources Management of Ijevan Branch of Yerevan State University

Phone: 0 (263) 4-04-51 (1-10)