Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch


The Educational- Methodological Department is an independent structural subdivision of Ijevan Branch of Yerevan State University, whose main objectives are:

  • Planning, organizing and supervising the educational process in the bachelor’s degree;
  • Coordination of the work of YSU IB structural subdivisions participating in the educational process

The main functions are:

  1. Organization and execution of bachelor’s curricula and subject program
  2. Together with the Education Quality Assurance Committee, monitoring the quality of education and development and implementation of management system
  3. Supervision of the entry, processing and execution of the Bachelor’s degree Full-time and Part-time learning curricula and work plans, the departmental and personal activity, and supervision of exam bulletins through the automated electronic system
  4. Registration of employees working on a per-hour basis
  5. Verification of bachelor class boards and provision of educational process with classroom fund
  6. Optimization of educational process schedules and class boards
  7. Preparation and registration of students’ graduation documents
  8. Organization of final attestation commissions’ work
  9. Supervision of mid-term and final examinations
  10. Provision and supervision the documentation of the educational process
  11. Coordination and supervision of educational, industrial and pedagogical internships
  12. Elaboration of proposals on bachelor’s admission
  13. Organization of students’ knowledge testing
  14. Preparation and registration of orders on student affairs (admission, dismissal, student rights restoration, transfer, postponement, etc.)
  15. Organization of paid educational services
  16. Publication of guide books for bachelor students
  17. Preparation of YSUIB current and annual reports on education process
  18. Preparation of information-statistical data on the educational process for YSU and the Ministry of Education and Science
  19. Creating and maintaining student data bases
  20. Organizing university admission for second profession obtaining students
  21. Organization of student surveys on teaching quality and effectiveness

The head of the educational-methodological department is Arkadi Davtyan.

RA, Tavush Region, Ijevan, Usanoghakan str. 3

Tel: (0263) 4-00-35 (* 1-05)

 E-mail: address:

Work Schedule of 2017 -2018 academic year of YSU IB Educational-Methodical Department