Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch


YSUIB Director

  1. Manages the educational, scientific, economic, financial, international and other activities of YSUIB
  2. Organizes the activities of YSUIB Academic Council, structural subdivisions, ensuring its harmonious activity
  3. Holds YSUIB Academic council and Board meetings
  4. Presents annual reports to YSU IB and YSU Academic Councils
  5. Presents the annual reports of YSUIB expenditure estimates, strategic development programs, projects to make changes and additions to YSUIB Charter
  6. Ensures execution of decisions of YSUIB Academic Council and the Board of Directors
  7. Submits proposals to YSUIB Academic Council for establishment, reorganization or liquidation of structural subdivisions
  8. Provides the approval of YSUIB Academic Council of structural subdivisions (including exemplary) regulations, internal disciplinary rules of YSUIB, other internal legal acts
  9. In accordance with this Charter, YSUIB Academic Council and the collegial management bodies of the structural units are formed, defines the staff of YSUIB, the employees’ responsibilities, official duties
  10. Gives orders concerning students admission, dismissal, rehabilitation, formulation of appropriate vacation, incentives and disciplinary penalties, granting qualification degrees, student grants, and other orders concerning YSUIB activities
  11. In accordance with YSU Rector, hires and dismisses the Deputy Directors
  12. Hires and dismisses the heads of structural subdivisions, determines their areas of activity and rights
  13. Hires and dismisses employees, gives them incentives and disciplinary penalties, organizes employees’ attestation
  14. Signs employment contracts with selected deans, head of departments and employees of scientific and pedagogical staff
  15. Signs a collective contract with the head of the trade union organization
  16. Suspends the decisions of YSUIB Academic Council, as well as those decisions of the management bodies of the structural subdivisions, which are not in compliance with their jurisdiction, contradict the legislation of the Republic of Armenia and this regulation
  17. In case of his absence, assigns his duties to one of the deputy directors
  18. Gives powers to act on behalf of YSUIB, opens bank accounts
  19. Performs duties not contradicting the legislation of the Republic of Armenia and not entrusted to YSUIB other management bodies
  20. The deputy directors are appointed by the order of the director, in accordance with YSU rector and implement the direct management of a certain sphere of YSUIB activities in accordance with the instructions and orders of the director.

YSUIB Director is a Candidate of Physico-mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor, Artak V. Tsutsulyan.

Address: RA, Tavush Region, Ijevan, Usanoghakan str. 3

Tel: (0263) 4-00-50 (* 1-01)

Fax: (0263) 3-22-02