Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch


The Academic Council of YSU Ijevan Branch is the chief policy-making body responsible for planning and managing the educational-methodological and scientific issues existing in YSUIB.

The Academic Council:

  • Verifies its regulations
  • In accordance with YSU IB Director, presents YSU Rector proposals on creation, reorganization, liquidation of structural subdivisions
  • Within the framework of determined periods, discusses and makes decisions on the admission of YSU IB, according to educational programs and specializations
  • Verifies the internal legal acts of YSUIB
  • Discusses and approves educational programs
  • Discusses the main and perspective directions of research activity, and organizes hearings on the results of important research and guidance activities in YSU IB,
  • makes decisions on awarding honorary titles, medals, YSU rewards, individual and nominal scholarships
  • Approves the election procedure of Faculty deans, Department Heads and professorial staff
  • Approves the results of competition of vacancy positions for the deans, department heads, and professorial staff
  • In accordance with the spheres, aims and objectives of YSU IB, submits proposals to YSU foundation on the main directions of YSU IB activities, including the implementation of educational programs with new specializations,
  • Submits proposals to the Director on the annual revenues and expenditure estimates of YSU IB
  • Discusses issues related to the social, political, educational, scientific and cultural life and important events of the Republic
  • Discusses and ensures publication of monographs, textbooks, manuals, collections and other materials
  • In case of urgency, forms standing or temporary commissions, the status, structure, competence and order of the activities of which are set up according to the regulations of the Academic Council of YSUIB.
  • Hears the director’s annual report
  • Exercises other powers in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia and its Charter

The secretary of the Academic Council of YSU Ijevan Branch is Mher Atoyan, a candidate of physical and mathematical sciences.

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Address: RA, Tavush Region, Ijevan, Usanoghakan 3

Phone: +374 93317847