Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch


 In 2018, on February 28, “Haykyan-2017” award ceremony was held at the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after A. Spendiaryan, attended by RA President Serzh Sargsyan, Coordinator of Youth Foundation of Armenia Karen Avagyan, high-ranking officials, representatives of student and youth organizations, guests.

Մեր ուսանողական խորհուրդը «Հայկյան 2017»  մրցանակաբաշխության հաղթող

“Haykyan” Award is a program implemented already 17 years by the Armenian Youth Foundation aims to activate student self-governing structures, to encourage student initiatives, to raise the degree of integration of the youth in the sphere of science, to deepen international cooperation and to develop activities in youth policy.

Young people, youth groups and organizations that had excelled and come up with innovative undertakings in 2017 were awarded in different nominations.

Karen Avagyan assured that the program was of paramount importance because it was the best example when young people were awarded for their hard and dedicated work. He also underlined that the choice was increasingly difficult, and the programs were becoming more and more and it was difficult to choose winners for “Haykyan” Prize.

Մեր ուսանողական խորհուրդը «Հայկյան 2017»  մրցանակաբաշխության հաղթող

Approximately 40 applications were submitted in 11 different nominations to take part in “Haykyan-2017” award ceremony. YSU IB Student Council also submitted an application. The winners’ names became clear only during the award ceremony.

YSU Ijevan Branch Student Council was recognized as the winner in the nomination “The Best Regional Student Self-Governing Body”.

Մեր ուսանողական խորհուրդը «Հայկյան 2017»  մրցանակաբաշխության հաղթող

Among the participants of the award ceremony were YSU IB Student Council Chairman Iskuhi Shaghbatyan and Student Council members Zara Vartanyan, Ani Asryan and Arpine Veranyan.

Iskuhi Shaghbatyan received an award by RA Deputy Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Arsen Karamyan.

Shaghbatyan welcomed the President, the guests and congratulated all the winners. She thanked all the Student Council members, all the staff of the branch for their support, the Youth Foundation of Armenia, in particular the jury of “Haykyan” Awards, for the best evaluation of the work done.

Մեր ուսանողական խորհուրդը «Հայկյան 2017»  մրցանակաբաշխության հաղթող

In addition to pre-determined nominations, the President of the Republic awarded 8 special awards.

The winners received symbolic statuettes, certificates and precious gifts.

Մեր ուսանողական խորհուրդը «Հայկյան 2017»  մրցանակաբաշխության հաղթող

At the end of the award ceremony, President Serzh Sargsyan congratulated the winners, wishing them ever new achievements, expressing the hope that the awards they received today would become the components of a long chain of success for the sake of Armenia and the Armenian people.

The event was accompanied by a concert program. Armenian State Symphonic Orchestra (artistic director and principal conductor, Sergey Smbatyan) and famous singers performed during the evening.



Yerevan State University Ijevan branch Library provides all the readers with new opportunities. From now on the electronic resources are at the disposal of YSU IB students and lecturers

In 2017, on December 12, the presentation of YSU IB Electronic Library was held.

Representatives of the administrative and professorial staff of the University, under the supervision of the director, students and guests were present at the event.

The head of the library Vladimir Poghosyan presented the structure, sections of the newly created website, the using procedure of the site and ways of searching books. It was emphasized that the books on the website were structured according to categories and subjects, the newly published books were on the right side of the website, the main specialized books were on the left.

Poghosyan congratulated on the occasion of the opening of E- library and wished pleasant reading all the students, reading lovers, mentioning: “I congratulate all of us on the occasion of the opening of E- library web site. Today we can confidently say that we have an electronic library corresponding to the educational standards of Armenia, which will take a step forward in obtaining an affordable education. The launch of this site is not only significant, but also necessary, as the educational requirements and approaches change, and the use of modern technology in library activities is a requirement and imperative of time. Apart from book opportunities, this site will also greatly help with online lectures, and the news platform will be updated and upgraded to meet the latest library technology requirements. “

The Director of the Yerevan State University Ijevan branch S. Arakelyan delivered a congratulatory speech on the occasion of opening of E- library. S. Arakelyan particularly mentioned: “Libraries have made a significant contribution to the development of spiritual life and culture and have an indispensable role nowadays. Each library is designed to perform specific functions: historical-cultural, informational, communicative, technological, pedagogical, statistical, service, etc.


Կայացավ ԵՊՀ ԻՄ-ի էլեկտրոնային գրադարանի շնորհանդեսը

Information technology development in the civilized world is accompanied by appropriate reform of the library systems. Basically, most up-to-date libraries provide the creation and expansion of databases, the availability of various information services, and new technological means. YSU Ijevan branch library is also no exception.

YSU IB E-library is another step towards providing accessible and available educational opportunities and we are convinced that it will greatly enhance the scope of students’ scientific interests, enrichment and dissemination of sustainable knowledge. I congratulate you and I am sure that it will become a rich, comprehensive and interesting platform for reading lovers. “

Կայացավ ԵՊՀ ԻՄ-ի էլեկտրոնային գրադարանի շնորհանդեսը

Students and lecturers also congratulated on the occasion of electronic library opening wishing, continuous work, development and progress.

At the end, reception took place for the participants.