Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch


The issues of YSUIB coordinator of the work with graduates and external stakeholders are the following:

  • coordinating, organizing and summarizing the work done by the Branch on the issues of finding a job for YSUIB graduates and students
  • Organization of work on providing a certain work experience in parallel with the study of students in the Branch
  • Ensuring effective communication between Branch students, graduates and potential employers that will contribute to the modernization of curricula and the quality of education
  • Providing information on local and national labor market trends, research and analysis
  • Organization of various types of consultations, trainings, seminars and other activities on job finding and other issues for YSU Ijevan Branch students and graduates, dissemination of relevant information
  • Establishing and maintaining close ties between graduates and the Branch, as well as involving graduates in solving the problems facing the Branch
  • the establishment and development of an active cooperation between the Branch and the educational institutions of the region.

The main functions of the coordinator are:

  • analyze YSUIB graduates career issues and prepare and submit to the Branch management the programs for its solution, as well as to ensure implementation of those programs
  • coordinate, organize and summarize the activities of YSUIB work with external stakeholders, to develop cooperation programs with stakeholders and to ensure its implementation
  • organize student and gradutes consultations and other activities related to labor market demands and up-to-date technology and skills, professional orientation, and other issues
  • assisting in the collection, analysis and coordination of all stakeholders’ opinions and requirements on the quality of graduates, elaborating proposals on changes in existing curricula
  • to ensure the cooperation of the Branch with organizations implementing training courses and seminars
  • manage YSUIB graduates Electronic Database and the corresponding section of the Web site, provide graduates with information on job offers and competitions,
  • Ensure close ties between the Branch students, graduates and potential employers,to involve graduates in solving the problems of the Branch
  • carry out studies and analyzes on local and international labor market trends, periodically presenting summary information
  • carry out various studies on the prospects of their career development among YSUIB students and graduates, the current state of competitiveness in the labor market and other issues
  • organize various types of consultations, trainings, seminars and other activities for YSUIB students and graduates on finding job and other issues, provide relevant information
  • provide YSUIB cooperation and exchange of experience with similar units of other Higher Educational Institutions of Armenia,
  • keep regular reports on his/her work.

Address:RA, Tavush region, Ijevan

 str. Usanoghakan 3

Phone: (0263) 4-00-51 (* 1-07)