Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch


Ijevan Branch of Yerevan State University is only fifteen years old,it is the offspring of the 20-year-old independent Armenia, thefirst higher educational institutionof Tavush.From the very first days of its existence it has played a great role in the educational and cultural life of the region and has gained a valid place among the institutions of higher education of the republic.

Due to the availability of the institution , young Tavush citizens are at home, close to their  land and water, to their  national and cultural origins, and they are  the first frontier patriots  and defenders of their land  in the region, today’s and tomorrow’s teachers and environmentalists, economists and artists.

Followingthe besttraditions of Yerevan State University, pursuing pan-European university reforms and scientific advancement, the institution  implements its strategic plan, and the evidence of its effectiveness is our achievements, the continuous increase of the institution’s reputation, and our graduates’ competitivenessin the labour market.

We are confident that YSU Ijevan branch will contribute to overcoming the social-economic temporarydifficulties of the country, solve many problems of the city, of the region and of the republic for the sake of building a stable and democratic country.

We attach great importance to the activity of YSU Ijevan branch web-site, which is sure to open a new page in the biography of this educational institution.