Ijevan Branch of Yerevan State University

Faculty of Natural Sciences

The faculty of Natural Sciences is one of the three faculties of regional College opened in Ijevan in 1991. The first dean of the faculty was doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, prof. Valerie Ter- Antonyan.

The Ijevan Branch of YSU was established on the base of Ijevan Regional College by the Government decision, in 1994. In the faculty of Natural Sciences the admission was made for the professions of “Physics” and “Mathematics”. The Faculty was headed by doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Roland Avagyan.

 Taking into account the peculiarities of the natural woodlands of the region the profession of “Forest and Forest-park Economy” was added in the faculty in 2000 aiming at complementing the forestry service with highly qualified specialists. In the same year Instead of “Physics” and “Mathematics” the admission was made for the profession of “Applied Mathematics and Physics” with five -year education.

Taking into account the requirements of the Ministry of Education, changes were made in the professions in 2007, the professions of “Mathematics, Informatics and Physics” which had been operating since 2001, was replaced by the profession of “Applied Mathematics and Physics”, and the profession of “Forest and Forest-park Economy” was replaced by the profession of “Ecology and Natural Resources Management”.

Since 2004, for around ten years the dean of the faculty has been Artak V. Tsutsulyan, PhD (Physical and mathematical sciences), and since 2014 the acting dean has been Manvel A. Zakaryan PhD (Physical and mathematical sciences).

Now the Faculty has two Chairs`

  • Programming and Information Technologies
  • General Mathematics and Natural Science

In the structure of the faculty there are two computer laboratories equipped with modern laboratory facilities. There is free internet.

Now the education in the faculty is organized by the professions of “Informatics and Applied Mathematics” and “Cartography and Cadastre”.

DEAN OF THE FACULTY ` Manvel A. Zakaryan, PHD, physical and mathematical sciences, Associate Professor, tel.- (+37494) 34-01-13, e-mail –mzakar@mail.rumatinform.ephim@yandex.ru

Manvel Ashot Zakaryan

Date of birth

08.08.1965 թ


1982-89 YSU, Faculty of mathematics

Service in army

1984-1986 Soviet army 


Profesional experience

1989-1991 Teacher in the Secondary school of Gosh

1997 Lecturer, YSU IB

2008-2014 Head of the Chair of “Higher Mathematics and Informatics” 

Scientific activities

  1. Zarland University, Germany / in the frame of DAAD/

2004-2006թթ.  Zarland University  / in the frame of Humbodt program/

2010 Ulm University.

Scientific Articles

1999 Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences

Author of 9 scientific articles and a methodical manual


 Armenian, Russian, English, German

Marital Status

 Married, two sons