Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch

The faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities has been functioning since the opening day of YSU IB.

For different years the deans of the faculty have been Artashes Papoyan (PhD, Doctor), Ruben Aghuzumcyan (PhD, associate professor), Samvel Arakelyan (PhD, associate professor), Rafik Nahapetyan (PhD, associate professor)

From 2003 till now the Dean of the Faculty is Vardan A. Aleqsanyan PhD (Historical sciences), associate professor. Currently there are four chairs in the Faculty

  • History and Social Science
  • Pedagogy and Psychology
  • Armenian language and literature
  • Foreign Languages

The Faculty organizes education for the following professions: History, Armenian Language and literature, Psychology, Pedagogy and Psychology, French language and Literature, English Language and Literature.

There are professional student clubs of “Young historians”, “Young philologists”, “Young Psychologists” in the Faculty

DEAN OF THE FACULTY:  Ashot A. Nersisyan, PhD of Historical Sciences, Professor, tel: 094-56-25-19, e-mail: ashot-nersisyan




Date of Birth



1980 – 85- Faculty of History, YSU

1885 – 89, PhD, Chair of Armenian History, YSU

Work Experience

1885 – 89 – Teacher of history at schools of villages Irind and Katnaghbyur, Talin region, RA.

1990 – 98 – Lecturer, Chair of Armenian History, YSU

2002 -2008- Associate Professor, Yerevan Northern University.

2006 – 2011- Associate professor, Chair of Armenian History, YSU.

2011 to present – Professor, chair of Armenian History, YSU.

 2006 to present – lecturer (associate professor then Professor), Chair of Armenian History and  Social Sciences, YSU IB.

2011 to present – Chief editor of scientific journal  ”Akunq”.

 Academic Degree

 PhD- “National – liberation struggle  in Taron,  1894- 1908” 1992.

Doctoral – “Armenian Revolutionary Federation party’s strategy, 1908 – 1918 “, 2008.

Academic courses

Armenian History/ general course/ Armenian Issue during 1918-1923/ Social and Political life of Western Armenia during 1908-1914, History of Armenian Political Parties, History of Armenian Issue and Genocide/Ijevan Branch/

Scientific interests

Armenian national liberation movements, history of Armenian political parties, the Republic of Armenia’s domestic and foreign policy, the issue of history, national history and leading figures of the liberation struggle of life and activities of Armenia’s First Republic

Professional Membership

Member of the Scientific Council of YSU IB, member of the Scientific Council of  Yerevan Northern University, member of the Scientific Council of the magazine  “Kantegh”.


Armenian, Russian, French

Marrital Status

Married, two sons