Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch


 On October 26 of 2018, at YSU Ijevan Branch, a board meeting was held headed by A. V. Tsutsulyan.


The meeting was attended by members of the Directorate, members of Department of Part-time Learning, Heads of other Departments of the branch.

On the agenda were the preparatory works related to mid-term exams for the first semester of 2018-2019 academic years, and preparations for the part-time learning course and several current issues.


Deans of four Departments reported on preparations related to mid-term exams for the first semester of 2018-2019 academic years.

They particularly mentioned that the necessary preparatory work was carried out at the faculties.

Mid-term exams tests and tickets have been completed and sealed, video cameras have been installed in the classrooms (№ 38, №39, №56, №57), where the written exams will be held.

Examination committees have been formed for the Oral Examinations from the professorial staff of the departments.

The preparations for the mid-term examinations of the 1st semester of the 2018-2019 academic years were assessed as satisfactory.


Zurabyan, Head of the Department of Part-time Learning, delivered a report on the preparations of lessons of Part-time education of 2018-2019 academic years 1st semester.

The speaker, presenting the works done, particularly mentioned that the schedule was already ready, the audience was fully clarified.

During the lecture, the issues of the educational, administrative and economic staff were touched upon and put an emphasis on the issue of security.

All the issues were discussed and appropriate solutions were provided.

The preparations for the Part-time learning course of the first semester of 2018-2019 academic years were assessed as satisfactory.



On October 17 of 2018, directorate session was held at Ijevan branch of Yerevan State University Foundation headed by A. V. Cuculyan.

On the agenda were the results of YSU IB 2018 academic year part-time learning admission, preparation for part-time learning courses of the first semester of the 2018-19 academic year, September expenses and incomes of the branch, issues connected with security, steps against plagiarism, as well as sending several staff members of the University to the Berd region for trainings (particularly members of Department of Professional Orientation and Practice), replenishment of YSUIB Library fund and a number of current issues.

Summarizing the results of 2018 academic year the admission process of part-time learning, A. Margaryan ,who was in charge of YSUIB part-time learning university admission committee, specifically mentioned that in 2018, from August 27 to September 25 (scheduled for September 20, extended for 5 days) the admission of applicants for part-time learning system was implemented at YSU IB.

133 applicants applied to YSU Ijevan branch, for 7 specialties (Elementary Pedagogy and Methodology, History, Finance (according to the field), Psychology, Environment and Nature Management, Informatics and Applied Mathematics, Tourism).

Prior to the admission examinations, YSU IB leading Lecturers have conducted free consultations for each subject. The admission exams has overcome with minimum results 40 out of 133 applicants, which, of course, was not satisfactory.

Head of the part-time Learning Department M. Zurabyan, mentioned that the schedule of all specializations was being compiled, the whole classroom fund was being worked out, the necessary work was being done to properly meet the 2018-19 academic year.

Mr. Cuculyan instructed the deans of faculties and the Head of the Department of part-time learning to be consistent that the heads of departments and the educational programs responsibles, actively take part in issues related to the organization of the lesson.

In connection with the issue of sending several staff members of the University to the Berd region for trainings, it was particularly mentioned that on October 16, a group of employees met with 194 pupils from 11 Berd schools to raise public awareness on admission education programs.

The purpose of the visit was to introduce YSU IB specialties to the 12th graders, changes in admission exams and proposed new programs.

Head of YSU IB library V. Poghosyan reported on the process of replenishment of the library fund of 2018-2019 academic years and assured that the events held by the library would be regular and periodic.



In 2018, on September 27,YSU Ijevan Branch Directorate session was held under the supervision of A. Cuculyan to monitor YSU IB examination of 2017-2018 academic year (full-time and part-time learning), to discuss branch subdivisions work plans of the 2018-2019 academic year, literature replenishment and a number of current issues.

Head of the Educational-Methodological Department A. Davtyan summed up the results of YSU IB 2017-2018 academic year.

Particularly, it was mentioned that 491 students of full-time system of education and 808 students of part-time learning system participated in the 2017-2018 academic year spring exam.

Eight students were enrolled in the army of full-time system of education and 28 students of part-time learning system until the end of the liquidation period.

10 students of full-time learning and 35 students of part-time learning have returned from intermission.

As a result of the examination, 3 students of full-time system of education and 22 students of part-time learning system were expelled from YSU Ijevan branch.

At the Directorate meeting, the results of the 2017-2018 academic year were evaluated as satisfactory.

Tshagharyan, Head of the Department of Professional Education Quality Assurance reported on the status of 2018-2019 academic year working plans of branch subdivisions.

The status of the 2018-19 academic year work plans was evaluated as satisfactory.

The head of the library V. Poghosyan presented information on replenishment of YSU IB Library, referring to the library fund as well as electronic resources of the 2017-2018 academic year.

In connection with the literature replenishment process, the deans were instructed to be consistent that within a week head of departments present their department educational literature requirements to the library.



 YSU Ijevan Branch Directorate session was held under the supervision of YSU IB Acting Director A. Cuculyan on September 19, in 2018.

At the Directorate session, the issues related to the ordering of YSU IB first year students of 2018-2019 academic year, academic year of the first semester, attendance of students, course offerings, lesson programs, planning of educational programs executives’ work and a number of current issues were under discussion.

During the session, the deans reported on the payment of tuition fees and the attendance of the students.

It was decided to complete the process of ordering of freshmen within the defined terms.

The condition of the attendance of YSU students of 2018-2019 academic year of first semester (for three weeks) was satisfactory.

The representatives of the subdivisions of the branch (deans, heads of departments, educational programs executives) were instructed to be consistent that at the beginning of each course, the students would be provided with mid-term exam questionnaire confirmed by the head of the department, the subject programs should be available, reviewed, updated and confirmed in a timely manner.


In 2018, on September 5, Directorate Session was held under the supervision of A. Cuculyan at YSU Ijevan branch.


 At the Directorate Session, on the agenda were the list of specializations of 2019 academic year, the effective organization of the educational process and several current issues.

 Taking into consideration the research and affirmations of the deans of the faculties and the Heads of corresponding divisions on the demand of professions in the labor market, the list of specializations of YSU IB, including examination subjects and places without payment of tuition fees, were discussed and reviewed.

Particularly, it was proposed to add “Ecology and Nature Management” specialization in the Faculty of “Natural Sciences” of 2019 academic year, and “Applied Arts” (“Decorative Applied Art”) educational program in the Faculty of Applied Arts.

It was proposed to add “Psychology” to the Faculty of Humanities and to discuss the issue of implementing the “Russian Language and Literature” educational program, taking into consideration the proposal of the Head of Pedagogical Practice Department regarding the great demand of the Russian language teacher in the region․

It was decided to present YSU IB list of admission specializations (educational programs) of 2019 academic year to “Mother University” Yerevan State University for discussion.

  In connection with the other issues, Deans and Heads of Departments were instructed to be consistent in work discipline, to maintain the working time regime, to present students and especially first-year students their rights and responsibilities, disciplinary norms in accordance with the internal disciplinary rules of YSU IB.