Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch


In 2018, on September 5, Directorate Session was held under the supervision of A. Cuculyan at YSU Ijevan branch.


 At the Directorate Session, on the agenda were the list of specializations of 2019 academic year, the effective organization of the educational process and several current issues.

 Taking into consideration the research and affirmations of the deans of the faculties and the Heads of corresponding divisions on the demand of professions in the labor market, the list of specializations of YSU IB, including examination subjects and places without payment of tuition fees, were discussed and reviewed.

Particularly, it was proposed to add “Ecology and Nature Management” specialization in the Faculty of “Natural Sciences” of 2019 academic year, and “Applied Arts” (“Decorative Applied Art”) educational program in the Faculty of Applied Arts.

It was proposed to add “Psychology” to the Faculty of Humanities and to discuss the issue of implementing the “Russian Language and Literature” educational program, taking into consideration the proposal of the Head of Pedagogical Practice Department regarding the great demand of the Russian language teacher in the region․

It was decided to present YSU IB list of admission specializations (educational programs) of 2019 academic year to “Mother University” Yerevan State University for discussion.

  In connection with the other issues, Deans and Heads of Departments were instructed to be consistent in work discipline, to maintain the working time regime, to present students and especially first-year students their rights and responsibilities, disciplinary norms in accordance with the internal disciplinary rules of YSU IB.