Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch


Diana Nersisyan, second –year student of YSU IB Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Cartography and Cadastre, presented a report on “Alienation of Property” on March 6 of 2018.


The event was organized by the Student Scientific Society of the Faculty.

The event was attended by YSU IB lecturers and students.

The main issues were the right of ownership of land for citizens and legal entities, the right of possession, use and disposition of land, in accordance with the restrictions and other conditions prescribed by law.

The right of citizens and legal entities to land was defined on the basis of privatization, inheritance, purchase and sale, donation and other land-based transactions and legal facts of state and community lands.

It was pointed out that land owning and using two or more entities, respectively the land belonged to them, with common ownership, common use rights.

The right of general ownership of a land was defined from the right of two or more entities that could not be divided without the change of its intended purpose or was not subject to division by law.

«Հողամասերի օտարում» թեմայով զեկուցում կարդաց  «ՔԿԳ» 2-րդ կուրսի ուսանողուհի Դիանա Ներսիսյանը

Reconstruction of a building owned by one of the owners did not result in the increase of its share of the land without the agreement of other owner.

It was pointed out that the lands which did not belong to citizens, legal entities or communities were state property. The state might purchase land from the communities, citizens and legal entities.

Communities were owners of the lands located within the boundaries of the given community, with the exception of lands owned by the state, citizens, legal entities and other property owners.

The state property is alienated,

 1) By transferring the right of ownership free of charge;

 2) Through direct sales.

 3) By auction.

State-owned and community-owned lands were provided for agricultural activities and residential constructions.

  1. Nersisyan presented that the sale of land owned by the state and communities was made by auction.

«Հողամասերի օտարում» թեմայով զեկուցում կարդաց  «ՔԿԳ» 2-րդ կուրսի ուսանողուհի Դիանա Ներսիսյանը

The starting price of the auction could not be less than 50% of the land cadastre value. The starting price of the auction was defined by the community leader for each community as well as for individual communities, in accordance with the community council.

The bordering, mountainous, suburban settlements included in the list defined by the Government of the Republic of Armenia, the starting price of the auction could not be less than 30% of the land cadastre value.

After the presentation, an interesting discussion took place with the participation of lecturers and students.

At the end, the Department of Programming and Information Technology, Associate Professor, Ph.D. A. Simonyan delivered a speech, who proposed to students of 2 faculties to cooperate, to study the possibilities of applying their professional knowledge and present reports on them.