Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch


 In 2018, on October 5, Head of Educational-methodological Department of Yerevan State University Ijevan branch A. Davtyan, Head of the Department of Armenian Language and Literature V. Avagyan had a meeting with the director of bordering Berkaber village school of Tavush region and with the teaching staff and senior students


The purpose of the meeting was to deepen cooperation between the university and the school, particularly to listen to the opinions and suggestions of the school staff and students regarding the subjects of admission to YSU Ijevan branch.

First, A. Davtyan, Head of the Educational-Methodological Department presented the students the procedure of admission to YSU IB, the specialties of the university and their peculiarities, possible changes due to the labor market demand.

Then YSU Ijevan Branch representatives answered the students’ questions.


During the meeting, a preliminary agreement was reached to communicate with the students via Skype on a regular basis (according to the schedule) and to answer their questions in terms of 3 subjects (“Armenian Language and Literature”, “Foreign Language and Literature” (English Language and Literature) and Mathematics “).
It was emphasized that the university program for organization of distance learning to support students of bordering villages schools will be continuous and will include new bordering communities.