Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch



Dear students,

VivaCell-MTS invites you to participate in “Viva Start” project, which will start on October 1, 2019 and will last until December 27, 2019. The aim of this project is to develop the sales and customer care skills of the students. During the project you will have the opportunity to increase your knowledge in sales, interpersonal communication, as well as acquire new knowledge and skills in the spheres of telecommunications, customer service and modern technologies.

The project will include a 2-day training course and later on at least a half day internship practice in our service centers of Yerevan and in regions of Armenia. At the end of the project certificates will be given out; best students with high performance results will be included in the Company’s pool of employment candidates with the possibility of being invited to pick vacant positions in case of openings.

Please note that only students in their 3rd and 4th year of Bachelor, and 1st and 2nd years of a Masters’ degree may apply to this project. Below are required qualifications for the project:

  1. High performance level and scores,
  2. Command of foreign languages;
  3. Excellent communication skills;
  4. Positive attitude/enthusiasm;
  5. Ability to quickly perceive and present information;
  6. Commitment to behavior standards and ethical norms.

To apply, please send us CV with motivational letter, stating why you wish to be part of this project, what expectations you have and why we should select you. It is also necessary to state your residence address and preferred 2-3 communities in the regions, where you could be part of our project.

According to the requirements stated above we will conduct selection process. 

Please apply sending your applications till September 20, 2019 to the e-mail address of attaching the necessary documents. You may also apply through and websites.

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm!