Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch



 On December 27th, 2018, YSU Ijevan Branch hosted the final session(of this year) of Academic Council with the participation of representatives of the university staff and students.


  • The writ of incomes and expenses (budget)of Ijevan branch of “Yerevan State University” Foundation of 2018, January-December
  • The writ of YSUIB incomes and expenses estimates (budget) of 2019
  • Current issues

In terms of the income and expenses (budget)of Ijevan branch of “Yerevan State University” Foundation of 2018, January-December, it was particularly mentioned that in 2018, from January to December 1, YSUIB financial means amounted to 426 million 408 thousand AMD,  71% – from tuition fees and 21% – from state funding.

84% of current expenses were directed to workers salary payments. The total amount of scholarships provided to students make up 2% of the Branch expenses, 3% make up utility payments.

In terms of YSUIB incomes and expenses estimates (budget) of 2019, it was mentioned that in 2019, the indices of the pre-budget items have been compiled on the basis of previous year estimates, as well as on predictions and planning.

The budget of 2019 year is balanced; incomes and expenses are equal.

It is expected that 2019 financial means will make up:

  • Incomes-515 million 400 thousand AMD
  • Expenses- 515 million 400 thousand

64% (330 million AMD) of university financial means will make up tuition fees  from paid education, and  state-funded incomes- 28%.

It is expected that, in 2019, 81% financial means  ( 415 million AMD) will make up the cost of salaries and equal payments. The expenses for the scholarship will make up 1.7% of total expenses, utility payments – 3%.

Then, at the session of the Academic Council, the Chairman of the Branch Trade Union A. Sh. Margaryan delivered a speech representing  the activities of 2018 year carried out by the Trade Union, the main directions of its activity and the forthcoming changes.

At the end of the session A. V. Tsutsulyan expressed his heartfelf congratulations and wishes on the occasion of New Year and Christmas holidays.