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  On November 21th 2018, 5th-year students of YSUIB Faculty of Part-time learning “Service”, under the guidance of Levon Lachikyan, member of the RA Artists’ Union, Assistant of Department of Tourism Management and Culturology, visited “DILIJAN HOTEL RESORT AND SPA” complex.

According to Mr. Lachikyan, the student who has chosen  “Service” specialty (both Full-time and Part-time learning), parallel with theoretical knowledge, moreover, they need to acquire more practical skills, regularly visiting various service sector institutions. In his conviction, one private or individual visit, and the visit with a group and a specialist were different things.

Most of the students were in  “DILIJAN HOTEL RESORT AND SPA”  complex for the first time and were naturally interested in all the services, rooms (70 rooms), fitness center, medical and massage rooms, swimming pool and dining room.

The hotel guide kindly provided information about the prices, the applicable discounts, the general attendance, and the expected human flows during the upcoming New Year.

In the conference hall, a seminar was organized within the framework of the training,  the students learned about the nuances of working with tourists, disciplinary rules of the hotel, ways of  solution in case of conflicts, and many other important issues.

At the end of the visit, Melina Hambardzumyan, course monitor, on behalf of her coursemates, expressed contentment to the university for paying due attention to the organization of educational internships.



 On November 21th, 2018, YSU Ijevan Branch Student Council organized an event dedicated to the Students’ International Day.

The event was attended by YSUIB Acting Director A. V. Tsutsulyan, governor of Tavush Region, Vahe Ghalumyan, Primate of Tavush Diocese, Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan, managers of Ijevan bank branches, representatives of administrative and professorial staff of the university, students of Full-time and Part-time learning systems and guests.

Acting Director of YSU Ijevan Branch Artak Tsutsulyan, Tavush region Governor Vahe Ghalumyan and Primate of Tavush Diocese, Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan delivered opening speeches.

During the event dedicated to the Students’ International Day, YSUIB talented students made musical and dance performances.

The event was humorous: the students presented several interesting episodes related to student life, university environment.

There were also special performances accompanied by guitar and piano.

The celebration ended with a reception.



 On November 20th 2018, a discussion entitled “The policy of Tigran the Great and its Consequences” took place at the Secondary School named after Hayk Ghazaryan in Verin Tsakhkavan village, with the participation of students of YSUIB “History” Faculty and Tsakhkavan School.

The discussion was attended by lecturer of YSUIB Department of History and Social Sciences Vladimir Poghosyan, coordinator of the work with graduates and external stakeholders, Erine Gharayan, Public Relations and Media responsible Hasmik Vanyan, students of different professions (“History”, “Pedagogy and Psychology”, “Elementary Pedagogy and Methodology” “Cartography and Cadastre”), director and teaching staff of Tsakhkavan school and students of different classes, guests.

Susanna Amirkhanyan, Deputy Director of Verin Tsaghkavan Secondary School, made an opening speech warmly welcoming the students’ initiative to organize a discussion at their school, attaching importance to the deepening of university-school bilateral cooperation, mutual visits and joint programs.

During the discussion, the students presented the positive aspects of Tigran the Great policy, and the students expressed their own ideas about the negative aspects of his policy, drawing parallels with nowadays.

It was presented how in 95 BC, one of our most famous historical figures, Tigran 2, more commonly known as Tigran the Great, came to the throne.

Following the death of his father, Tigran the First, Tigran the Great was released from hostage by handing over “seventy valleys” in Atropatene to the Parthians, returned to Armenia and inherited his father’s throne at age 45. Tigran 2 quickly reorganized the Armenian army and fought to rebuild and strengthen the reputation of the Armenian state. In 94 BC, he captured Tsopk, completing the process of uniting the Armenian lands.

At the same time, in the North of Armenia, the kingdom of Pontus was gaining power. His genius monarch Mihrdates Z. of Pontus (111-63 BC), who was an enemy of Rome, being a skillful general and diplomat, immediately understood Tigran’s ambitions and power and offered him an alliance. In 94 BC, the Armenian-Pontic alliance was signed, according to which, the two kings must divide between two countries the territories of future achievements. He rapidly built up his power and established an alliance with Mithridates VI, marrying his young, beautiful daughter Cleopatra…

In 87 BC, the Hellenic comet shined in the Armenian sky. Tigran the Great considered it a successful sign to declare war on Parthians and conquered that mighty country. Tigran not only liberated the Armenian territories from the state of Parthians, but also made the mighty kingdom of Parthians to pay taxes and captured “king of the kings” title. With that the state of Tigran the Great became the mighty state of Asia. He also subjected to his authority Micdonia, Osronene, Atrpatakan, Adiabene, Korduk … Tigran the Great connected Northern Mesopotamia to kingdom of Greater Armenia and appointed his younger brother, Guras, a governor in the center of Mtsbin.

In 83 BC, Tigran the Great came to the throne of Seleucid Empire. In fact, another powerful state in the ancient East, the Seleucid Kingdom, left “the stage of history”.

Finishing his achievements, Tigran the Great built a new capital city, Tigranocerta, in the geographical center of his vast empire, in Aghdzinc province of Greater Armenia. Artashat was considered to be the northern capital of Tigran kingdom, Antioch: the southern capital. According to the contemporaries, Tigranakert soon became one of the greatest and luxurious cities of the ancient world.

During the triumphal victories of 25 years, Tigran 2 created a large-scale state whose borders extend from the Caspian Sea to the Egyptian border and the Mediterranean Sea. Armenia became the mighty state of the Greater Asia.

The discussion was held in an interactive and engaging atmosphere.

The discussion was accompanied by beautiful dance-music performances by gifted students of the school.

YSUIB representatives also introduced a presentation on professional orientation.

The school director S. Amirkhanyan and YSUIB lecturer V. Poghosyan made a final speech, expressing gratitude to the organizers and participants of the discussion, wishing them good luck.

All the participants and discussion supporters received certificates by Alikhan Baldryan, a fourth-year student of “History” specialty and the initiator of the discussion, who, by the way, is from Tsakhkavan.

 After the discussion, the students got acquainted with the school, visited the Library and the Chronicles Museum.

The meeting ended with a reception and warm conversation during which the parties agreed to deepen the cooperation through mutual visits and joint events.

All the photos of the meeting are available in the gallery.


Ysuib On November 22th of 2018, at 14:00, in the conference room, an expanded Board meeting of YSU Ijevan Branch will be held with the participation of the members of the Board of Directors, Heads of Departments and Subdivisions.
1. Report on the work done by the Department of “Finance and Accounting” 
Reporter: Chief Accountant M. Mkhitaryan
2. Report on the work done by Human Resources Management Department         (September-October 2018)
Reporter: Head of Human Resources Management Department K. Ayvazyan
3.Report on the work with graduates and external stakeholder (non-formal education, September-October 2018)
Reporter: coordinator of the work with graduates and external stakeholders E. Gharayan
4. Report on professorial staff trainings (September-October 2018)
Reporter: Coordinator of professorial staff Trainings N. Ghazaryan
5. Report on the work done by the Department of Education process Planning and Control     
 (Student activity, September-October 2018)
Reporter: N. Arushanyan, Head of Education process Planning and Control  Department 
6. Report on the work done by the Professional Orientation and Practice Department 
 (September-October 2018)
Reporter: Head of  Professional Orientation and Practice Department  L. Beginyan
7. Report on YSUIB Website, Public Relations and Media Activities (September-October 2018)
Reporter: YSUIB Public Relations and Media responsible H. Vanyan, specialist of Professional Education Quality Assurance Department M. Gasparyan
8.Current issues
During the Board meeting, it is necessary to introduce the reports via  presentations, and on the previous day of the meeting, submit summary reports to