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 On November 7 of 2018, at the Diocese of Tavush held a discussion on “Conflict Revolution”, initiated by WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation together with “Arevik” Social-Educational Center of Tavoush Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Students and workers of YSU Ijevan Branch, representatives of “Arevik” social-educational center participated in the discussion.

The discussion on “Conflict Revolution” was conducted by Khachik Galstyan, Associate Professor of Political Science History and Theory Department of the Faculty of International Relations of Yerevan State University.

The participants presented their perception on conflicts and ways of their revolution.

The urgent needs of participants in the framework of conflict revolution were brought about in order to develop an educational program.

Different practical games were organized during the discussion. Through the practical game “Who are you?”, For example, the participants were able to find out the important values for them.

Trainer Kh.Galstyan added that there were not alike conflicts, and everyone had his/her own position. “For different people,” said Mr. Galstyan, “the importance of values is different, which characterizes the subjectivity of conflicts.”


 Open Competition

RA Presidential Youth Award 2018 is funded by “Poghosyan” Foundation (Belgium-Switzerland). A prize-winning certificate, a badge and a prize money of 2,500 (two thousand five hundred) US dollars are awarded as a prize.

The prize is awarded to young authors of Republic of Armenia citizens each year in the following fields:

  1. a) Three awards in the field of visual arts
  2. b) One award in literature

Applications are open from February 1, 2019.

Deadline for applications: February 28

The age limit in the field of visual arts is 18 to 25 years old.

The age limit in the field of literature is 18 to 27 years old.

The age of the participants is defined on March 31 of the current year.

Only the works that were first published, performed, displayed, staged in 2018 can be presented at the award competition.

In the field of literature, prose / novel, /poems in printed books or periodicals are accepted for the competition. The presented works must comprise up to 10% of previously published works.

The Visual Arts Competition is held in two rounds: The first one is electoral, and the second (the final) is an exhibition.

  1. The application form attached to the documents: painting, graphics, sculpture and other media works should be presented one copy with photos, on A4 format paper and folder inserted . Below the photographs of the award-winning work, you must indicate the title, size, technique and date of the work.

Only one work can be presented for the award, which can be a separate piece of work, or a whole collection or a single project.

For cinematic and theatrical artwork posted on the web (for example:, please indicate the footnotes or submit on DVD.

It is compulsory to present the summary of the work, with the author’s description.

  1. For the first round of the competition, the participants must submit their original works.
  2. The final round, that is the exhibition, will take place in the Union of Artists of Armenia during the first week of April, 2019.
  3. The submission procedure is compulsory.

NOTE: RA Presidential Award is given only once.

The application form and procedure of the competition are available in All-Armenian Fund Executive Office or the Foundation’s website

For application and more information, please contact Aida Khachikyan, the Executive Board of “Armenia” All-Armenian Fund.

Phone: 52-09-40 (106); 56-01-06 (106)

 E-mail:  0010

Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, Governmental 3rd Building, 2nd Floor


Required Documents:

Application form:







On November 1-2, 2018, “Innovative Libraries 2018” Workshop was held in the Writers’ Creative House of Tsakhkadzor, attended by Armenian city and regional, public and university librarians, including Vladimir Poghosyan, Head of YSUIB Library.

First, Public Affairs Officer of US Embassy in Armenia, Rob Anderson welcomed the participants. He noted that the embassy was very pleased to support this event, which would contribute to the implementation of new programs in the libraries and the transformation of libraries into community centers.

RA Deputy Minister of Culture Vahe Budumyan welcomed the participants of the two-day workshop. He encouraged all librarians to speak out for their rights and protect the rights of libraries as full-fledged community centers.

The head of YSU IB library Vladimir Poghosyan presented to the workshop participants the innovative achievements of YSU Ijevan branch library, the structure, purpose, open and accessible electronic system of YSUIB E-library, as well as the opportunities and statistics of electronic literature.

The participants of the workshop highly appreciated the activities of YSUIB Library and especially the existence and availability of the electronic library.


president-s-prize (1).. RA Presidential award is funded by “Poghosyan” Foundation (Belgium-Switzerland).

Winner certificate, a badge and a prize money of 10,000 (ten thousand) US dollars are awarded as a prize.

The prize is awarded every year to the authors who are citizens of the Republic of Armenia with the best works, inventions, in the following seven areas:

  • Natural Sciences
  • Technical sciences and information technologies
  • Physics
  • Medicine
  • Art (including architecture, fine arts, theater, cinema, photography and other forms of art) – 2 awards
  • Literature (artistic, literary interpretation)
  • Humanities

Only the works that have been first published, performed, displayed, staged, and completed within three years (2016-2018) before the deadline for submission of awards are eligible for the competition.

The presented scientific work should have thematic generality.


– In the field of Natural Sciences, Technical Sciences and Information Technologies, and Physics, the works that did not win in the previous years, are eligible for the competition, provided that they are completed during 2016-2018.

– Dictionaries, catalogs, document collections, memos, textbooks, dissertations, as well as such works and monographs, which are based on the thesis materials, are not eligible for the competition.

– The number of nominees in one application form for the competition must not exceed five.

Application form can not be submitted for the deceased person.

– The person awarded RA Presidential award, can no longer apply for the competition, both individually and through the co-authors, being one of the authors of that group.

The RA Presidential Award is given only once.

The applicant may submit his/her work via the Institution or other person, as well as personally. The applicant may submit only one application.

Applications are open from December 3, 2019.

Deadline: January 31, 2019.

Applications are also accepted online.

The list of required documents for the competition can be obtained from “Armenia” All-Armenian Fund Executive Office or from the Foundation’s website

For application and more information, please contact Aida Khachikyan, the Executive Board of All-Armenian Fund.

Phone. 52-09-40 (106); 56-01-06 (106);


0010, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia, Governmental 3rd Building, 2nd Floor


The List of Required Documents

Application form




DSC00980 In October of 2018, “Dyucaznagirq” Association awarded Nver Gharibyan “Dyucaznagir” that he had lifted 9,800 kg of hanging hooks in each hand and rose 45 times in 30 seconds at the same time: performing the same exercise 102 times in 40 seconds. This record was registered in RA “Dyucaznagirq” Book of Records.

In this connection, we interviewed Never Gharibyan, YSUIB Faculty of Emergency Situations, Athletics and Sports, World Cup 2nd prize winner (2016), European champion (2016, 2017, 2018), world record holder (2018), “Dyucaznagirq” record holder (2018 ), master of sport of the international class of Armenia.

Mr. Gharibyan, on behalf of YSUIB Directorate and on behalf of university staff, we sincerely congratulate you on the occasion of your victory, wishing you new achievements in your sports and coaching career, numerous occasions to enjoy the victory, and thank you for participating in the interview.

Mr. Gharibyan, we would like to know When and for which sport did you apply for the official registration of your record and when you receive the record certificate “Dyucaznagir”?

– In 2018, On September 16, the corresponding record was registered by “Dyucaznagirq” Association committee headed by Vardan Tovmasyan and on October 10, I received the certificate.

-How long have you been preparing for this record? Whether the next victory easily won by World Cup 2nd prize winner, three-time European champion and world-class sports master Nver Gharibyan?

– I have been preparing for this record for about two years. It was very complicated because the exercise requires speed and power, great effort and energy, long-term training.

As a sportsman winning many times, do you agree that the more difficult the path of victory, the sweeter the joy of victory. Which of your numerous victories and achievements is more valuable to you?

– Yes, I agree, what is difficult to achieve is expensive and endless efforts, hard work and trainings are required to achieve high results. Any victory is valuable to me, as I have passed a long and difficult way to achieve those victories. My second participation in the European Powerlifting Championship (2017) was very important for me.

For the first time I took part in the European Championship in 2016 and lost to my opponent. I had a problem to prove that I was able to win, and I won, becoming a champion, in Europe Powerlifting Championship of 2017.

What future plans do you have with regard to sports and coaching work, what are the new achievements that you would like to win?

– It is a privilege for any athlete to take part in the Olympics during his sporting career, but my sport (powerlifting) is not yet an Olympic sport. So far, I think, I have won all the titles (world champion, three-time European champion), and there is no such a championship that I would like to participate in. During my coaching career, my athletes won in many competitions, I have three Armenian sportsmen of international class, two Armenian sports master, three of my pupils study at the Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sports. In the nearest future (November 16-18, 2018) four of my athletes will participate in the European Powerlifting Championship in Tbilisi as part of the Armenian national team.

Your new achievement (becoming a record holder of “Dyucaznagirq”), Mr. Gharibyan, is not only a significant event for the branch and the sport world, but also a kind of inspiration for our students and youth of the region.

Once again, we congratulate you and wish you new victories and thank you for taking part in the interview.

Interviewer:  Hasmik Vanyan, responsible for YSU IB public affairs and press