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Սուրեն Սարգսյան – Հայ իրականության և հանրային կյանքի թերություններն ըստ «Արմենիա» պարբերականի




Suren Sargsyan – The shortcomings of the armenian reality and public life ac­cor­ding to the periodical “Armenia”. – The Armenian people during the crucial situations we­re often deceived by the world’s powerful nations who were acting from their own coun­ties interests and had their inhuman behavior, connivance, even sometimes en­cou­ra­ging perpetrators, and by these became indirect participant of the genocide of the Ar­me­nians. Plenty of researches were done about this subject in the spirit of criticism whe­re the governments of some counties and a lot of people were condemned. This is­sue is very huge and important, and it needs much more detailed studies. However, usual­ly by blaming foreigners we often have forgotten our mistakes from which we should learn the lessons and never forget in modern life.

The similar publishing has done by Mkrtich Portugalyan who was Western Ar­me­nian intellectual, the chief-editor the famous “Armenia” Periodical, and the big pat­riot of his nation, also. During his 38 years work in “Armenia” he wrote a lot of pub­li­ca­tions which were discovering the positive and criticizing the negative features of the Ar­me­nian people who were suffering under the foreign domination, also about the harm­ful traditions, and national mistakes and defects. It had one main goal: make sure or­di­nary people see and understand how it could be dangerous for them, and urge to get rid of the bad habits as quickly as possible.

Of course, a lot of harmful defects which were mentioned in “Armenia” now dis­appea­red, but still many of them available and living in us by nowadays which distort and impede the progress of our nation. In this sense a lot of significant publications of “Ar­menia” day by day become more important which, indeed, up to date, and are cer­tain­ly worthy to much more detailed study.