Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch


YSU Ijevan Branch Directorate is a consultative body adjunct to the director, formed by the order of YSU IB Director and operates within the framework of the powers assigned by the Academic Council.

During the period between YSU IB Academic Council sessions, the Directorate

  1. discusses and brings about current issues related to all activities of the branch
  2. discusses, clarifies and organizes ways and means of implementing the decisions of the supreme bodies and the Academic Council, controls the process of their implementation
  3. discusses, works out and prepares all material for discussion of the superior boards
  4. In case of necessity, represents the interests of the branch staff
  5. Is subject to YSU Rector in the form of reports submitted by the Director
  6. The Directorate discussions are taken into consideration when making the decisions of the director, formulated by the order.

Directorate Composition