Yerevan State University Ijevan Branch


 In October 2018, Education Quality Assurance and Evaluation Department was formed at the branch, which in 2014, has been renamed the Department of Professional Education Quality Assurance.

The main functions of Professional Education Quality Assurance Department are:

  1. Develop the documentation, relevant mechanisms and tools regulating the processes of internal quality assurance of YSUIB, and to coordinate the processes of the quality assurance in the branch.
  2. Implement internal quality assurance processes within the jurisdiction defined by the Department Regulations, review and develop proposals for its improvement, report on its results
  3. Assist in the development, implementation and analysis of the results of internal quality assurance processes at all YSUIB departments.
  4. Ensure transparency of the quality assurance department processes with the participation of internal and external stakeholders
  5. Carry out annual information gathering on key performance indicators (GIS) of the branch and analyze, evaluate and develop proposals with the relevant subdivisions
  6. Organize the process of self-evaluation of the Institutional Accreditation of YSUIB, the preparation of the report, its discussion and publication.
  7. Coordinate the work of branch subdivisions during expert commission visits of accrediting bodies
  8. Ensure the discussion of the expert commission’s findings and use of the results to improve quality assurance processes
  9. Prepare the professional development curriculum development, monitoring and periodic review procedures, coordinate and assist in its implementation in YSUIB subdivisions.
  10. Coordinate the self-assessment of YSU IB educational programs and assist in its external assessment and accreditation processes
  11. Develop a tool for evaluating teaching, learning and student assessment methods (surveys, focus groups, etc.), organize the assessment and suggest improvements
  12. Cooperate with the Standing Committee on Quality Assurance of YSU IB Academic Council and Faculty quality assurance Commission, assist them in their work.

Since March of 2016, the acting head of Quality Assurance department is the Assistant of the department  of Programming and Information Technologies, Marieta Chagharyan.


 2017-2018 academic years’ work plan

2016-2017 academic years’ work plan

 2015-2016 academic years’ work plan

The Department Composition

Marieta Chagharyan  A.                              Head of Department

Hovsepyan Anahit M.                                        Specialist

Gasparyan Mary A.                                           Specialist

Gharayan Erine H.        The coordinator of the work with the graduates and external stakeholders

Address: RA, Tavush Region, Ijevan, Usanoghakan 3, YSUIB, Department of Professional Education Quality Assurance

Tel: (0263) 4-04-50 (* 1-07)